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User Basics – Optional

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Everything you need to get up and running quickly in FileMaker Pro is covered in the user basics trac. Learn about working with your data in tables and fields, finding and sorting your data to fit your needs, importing and exporting your data using popular file formats, and more.


What is a Database?: Databases are all around you. Begin by defining the essentials of a database – What is a Database?

How Claris FileMaker Works: Get started creating your solution by learning some useful terms and concepts – Getting Started with Claris FileMaker

The Claris FileMaker Platform: Windows. Mac. Mobile. Web. Cloud. The Claris platform has you covered no matter what platform you are on – Touring the Claris FileMaker Platform

Touring the Interface: Explore the user interface and learn more about the different modes and views that are supported in FileMaker Pro – Modes – Views – Preference and FileMaker Options

Getting Started: Now that you have your feet wet, begin working with data from various sources. – Getting Started with Claris FileMaker (Video) – Working with Templates – Converting Data Files – Importing a spreadsheet to create a new Claris FileMaker file (Activity) – Importing a spreadsheet into an existing Claris FileMaker file (Activity) – Creating a Claris FileMaker file from scratch (Activity)

Working with Records: Learning how to manage your record data in your FileMaker custom app. – Creating New Records – Saving Data – Duplicating Records – Deleting Records – Creating New Records and Entering Data in Claris FileMaker Pro (Activity)

Performing Finds: FileMaker provides many different ways to locate the data you are looking for, from simple finds to complex queries. – Finding Records Based on the Criteria in a Single Field – Finding Records Based on the Criteria in a Single Field (Activity) – Performing a Quick Find in Browse Mode – Basic Finds – New Requests – Performing AND an OR Searches (Activity) –

Constraining / Extending Found Sets – Extend a Found Set (Activity) – Constraining a Found Set (Activity) – Using Operators in Search Criteria (Part 1) – Finding Empty Fields (Activity) – Finding Non-Empty Fields (Activity) – Using Operators in Search Criteria (Part 2)

Sorting Records: View your data the way you want with FileMaker Pro’s flexible sort options. – Sorting Basics – Sorting with Custom Values – Sorting with Buttons

Importing and Exporting Data: Use your existing data in your custom app or share it with others using commonly supported file formats. – Types of Imports – Setting the Import Action and Mapping Fields During Import – Importing Data into an Existing FileMaker File – Creating a New Table for Importing Data – Exporting Records

Printing: Learn about the different options available for printing your data. – Printing Overview – Print Options –

Preview Mode – Removing Blank Spaces in Printouts – Preventing Objects from Printing


Master the fundamentals of FileMaker Pro by discovering the supported field types and field options available when creating your custom apps. Also, learn more about the flexible reporting features you can utilize when creating layouts.


Working with Fields: Discover the various types of fields supported by FileMaker Pro – Field Types

Field Options: Configure your fields to auto-enter or validate data as well as create global fields right from the Manage Database dialog – Auto-Enter Field Options – Configuring Serial Numbers in Claris FileMaker Pro (Activity) – Validation Field Options – Using Field Validation Options to Ensure Data Integrity (Activity) – Storage Field Options

Container Fields: Store all your digital assets right in your FileMaker custom apps using container fields. – Container Fields – Container Field Storage – Inserting into and Exporting Field Contents for Containers

Reports: Build layouts that can be used for displaying, summarizing, and printing your data. – Reports – Subsummary Parts – Subsummary Fields – Creating Subsummary Reports (Activity) – Other Types of Subsummary Reports



Take your custom apps relational – reducing data redundancy and increasing data integrity. And from there, explore the world of calculations – a vital tool in setting up your app logic and how to use scripts to automate tasks and procedures.


Relationships: Create connections between tables to share and normalize data while defining primary and foreign keys – all in a drag-and-drop interface. – Why Relational – Learning About Data Organization (Video) – Introduction to Data Modeling – Data modeling Guidelines – Identifying Relationships – Types of Relationships – Identifying Relationship Types –

Identifying Relationship Types (Activity) – Creating an Entity Relationship Diagram – Understanding Primary Keys – Understanding Foreign Keys – Identifying Primary Keys and Foreign Keys (Activity) – Creating Tables in Claris FileMaker Pro – Creating Relationships (Video) – Using the Relationship Graph – Configuring Foreign Keys in Claris FileMaker Pro (Activity) – Setting Up a Portal to Add Related Records (Video) –

Using a Portal to Create Records in a Related Table (Activity) – Many-to-Many Relationships – Creating Join Tables to Resolve Many-to-Many Relationships (Activity)

Layouts: FileMaker Pro provides many different tools and objects to customize the look of your data. Learn more about buttons, panels, value lists, and viewing data from the web in this learning plan. – Creating your First User Layout (Video) – Managing Layouts – Layout Parts – Arranging and Aligning Objects – Formatting Field Objects (Video) – Field Formatting –

Layout Backgrounds – Object Behaviors – Object States – Modifying Hover and In Focus Settings for Layout Objects (Activity) – Conditional Formatting – Using Conditional Formatting (Activity) – Fields Tab – Add Fields to a Layout (Activity) – Merge Fields – Field Control Styles and Value Lists –

Creating a Static Value List – Dynamic Value Lists – Creating a Dynamic Value List (Activity) – Relational Value Lists – Creating a Relational Value List (Activity) – Tab Order – Changing Tab Order (Activity) – Using Tooltips – Master-Detail Layout (Video) – Master-Detail Layouts –

Using Stencils – Buttons and Button Bars – Adding a Button to your Layouts (Activity) – Button Bar – Auto-Resizing Layout Objects – Resizing Layout Objects (Activity) – Tab Control and Slide Control – Adding a Tab Control to a Layout (Activity) – Slide Control – Adding a Slide Control Object to a Layout (Activity) –

Popovers – Using Popovers in a Layout (Activity) – Web Viewers

Calculations: Calculations in FileMaker Pro are more than just for working with numbers. Combine data from different fields, check to see if a field is empty, work with images, and perform IF-THEN actions, to name a few. Calculations are used everywhere in the FileMaker Pro user interface as well. – Working with Calculations – Touring the Calculation Window – Number Functions – Using Number Functions in a Calculation (Activity) – Text Functions – Using Functions in Auto-Entry Calculations (Activity) –

Validation by Calculation (Activity) – Text Formatting Functions – Date and Time Functions – Using Functions to Filter Portal Records – Using Functions to Filter Portal Records (Activity) – Logical Functions – Using Functions for Conditional Formatting (Activity) – The ExecuteSQL() Function – The ExecuteSQL() Function (Activity) – Container Functions –

Display Image Metadata Using Container Functions (Activity) – Aggregate Functions – Using Aggregate Functions in a Tooltip (Activity) – Using Aggregate Functions on a Tab Control (Activity) – Get Functions – While and SetRecursion Calculation Functions (Video) – Recursion in Calculations

Scripts: From simple tasks like setting print orientation or complex tasks like preparing a customized mailing to each client, scripts in FileMaker Pro allow you to automate repetitive or difficult tasks – Working with Scripts – Assigning Script Steps to Objects – Creating Scripts using the Script Workspace – Creating a Multi-line Script (Activity) – Interacting with the User – Using Scripts to Find Data – Using Static Searches in a Script (Activity) –

Scripting Dynamic Finds – Dynamic Finds (Activity) – Scripting User: Specified Finds – Navigation and Context – Go to Related Record Script Step – Using Go To Related Record Script Step (Activity) – Window Management – Using Cards (Video) – Set Field

If Script Step – Using IF Script Step (Activity) – Using Variables – Looping Techniques – Looping in a Script (Activity) – Error Capture –

Create a Dynamic Script with Script Parameters (Video) – Script Parameters – Using Script Parameters in a Script (Activity) – Using Script Triggers – Script Triggers for Layouts – Script Triggers for Objects – Script Triggers for Files – OnTimer Triggers

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