FileMaker 19.5 What’s New?

  • New JSONGetElementType Function
  • Preserve Empty Tab Order for Copied Objects
  • Change Locale Using Data Migration Tool
  • Remote FMP URLs Now Require Approval

New features and enhancements


  • FileMaker Pro notifies you when an fmp URL is opening a hosted custom app. Choose to open anyway, add the host to your permitted hosts list, or cancel. See Setting permitted hosts and plug-ins preferences in FileMaker Pro Help.
  • This notification is disabled by default. To enable it, open the Preferences dialog box and in the Permitted tab, choose Warn me before an fmp URL opens a file. See FileMaker Pro Help.
  • To enable this notification for assisted installations, set AI_WARN_FMP_URL in the Assisted Install.txt file. See FileMaker Pro Network Install Setup Guide.
  • OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 1.1.1n.


  • JSONGetElementType – Returns the type of JSON data for an element specified by an object name, an array index, or a path. For example, the following validates that fieldText contains a JSON object: ( JSONGetElementType ( fieldText, “” ) = JSONObject ).
  • GetLiveText – Returns the text found in the image of the specified container field using the text-recognition algorithm, starting with iOS 15.0, iPadOS 15.0, and macOS 12.0. You specify a container field and one of the supported language codes.
  • ReadQRCode – Reads a QR code from an image in a container field and returns it as text, starting in macOS Monterey, iOS 15, and iPadOS 15.
(JSONGetElementType ( {text parameter}, “”) = JSONObject)

See FileMaker Pro Help.


  • You can now save data from the current window by leaving the “Window name” option empty in the Save a Copy as XML and Save a Copy as Add-on Package script steps.


  • When you copy objects that have no tab order set, the pasted objects now have no tab order set. Previously, pasted objects were next in the tab order.


  • You can now replace the existing license certificate file at any time without quitting FileMaker Pro. See Replacing the license certificate file in FileMaker Pro Help.


  • The Save a Copy as XML script step now includes the following in the XML file:
  • metadata specifying whether database files are encrypted
  • detailed calculation information, including variables
  • unique hashes for calculations
  • references to scripts across file relationships with the same UUIDs
  • references to fields across file relationships with remote UUIDs as members of related file layouts
  • external data source references and UUIDs for value lists
  • The timestamp property has been removed from the headers of the XML created by the Save a Copy as XML script step.
  • In the output XML file of the Save a Copy as XML script step, FileReference is renamed DataSourceReference. Other value list external reference errors have also been corrected.

Addressed issues


  • It was possible to use the Add Account script step to specify the Full Access privilege after reordering the privilege sets. Full Access is now grayed out for the Add Account script step regardless of the order of the privilege sets.
  • Modification Detection Code 2 (MDC2) has been deprecated by OpenSSL and is now removed as an algorithm option from various FileMaker Pro cryptographic functions.
  • Long Custom OAuth names were truncated in the login dialog box.


  • macOS: FileMaker Pro closed unexpectedly when performing the Close Window script step while processing layout scroll events.
  • macOS: FileMaker Pro quit unexpectedly when reverting changes in the Manage Database dialog box if field names contained uncommitted Japanese characters from an ATOK input.


  • Conditionally hidden layout objects continued to be evaluated in hidden windows, slowing layout loads.

Script Workspace

  • macOS Monterey: Line numbers in Script Workspace displayed inconsistently when scrolling through a script.
  • macOS: The working script in Script Workspace contained unexpected indentations between line numbers and the code until the working script was edited.
  • Adding comments (#) in Script Workspace caused inconsistent indentation.

Save a Copy as XML

  • The output XML file of the Save a Copy as XML script step incorrectly used the same UUID to identify parent scripts and child scripts called from the Perform Script script step if the child scripts were located in different files from the parent scripts.
  • The output XML file of the Save a Copy as XML script step included the incorrect UUIDs for scripts in related files when calling the Perform Script script step.
  • When using the Save a Copy as XML script step, the FieldReference tag was missing in the output XML file.
  • The output XML file of the Save a Copy as XML script step included unnecessary ampersands (&) in the name attributes of base tags.
  • For the output XML file of the Save a Copy as XML script step, the timestamp for UUID under ScriptCatalog did not update when modification counts changed.


  • Windows: When multiple container field objects on a layout contained mixed optimization options (such as “Images” and “Interactive content”) in Inspector > Data > Data Formatting, and the objects were collectively selected in Layout Mode, the radio buttons for Optimize for in the Inspector became unresponsive.
  • When a group of relationships were copied on the relationships graph, the relation keys were appropriately related to the new table occurrences, but the sort fields continued to reference the original table occurrences.
  • The Quote function failed to escape line feed characters in the same way as carriage returns.
  • macOS: The View Index window sometimes truncated the index text.
  • Windows: Newly installed custom menus were not displaying after opening new windows unless the windows were refreshed.
  • The tooltip for the Shortcuts Donation icon in the Script Workspace incorrectly read “Run script with full access privileges” instead of “Run script by Siri”.
  • Windows: The Save a Copy as Add-on Package script step returned an error.
  • macOS: Calculation field styles were not rendering in Table View for FileMaker Pro 19.4.1 when the width of Table View was longer than the width of the layout and for calculation columns further to the right than the layout edge.
  • macOS: Deleting a macOS shortcut from the FileMaker Pro preferences also removed all entries below the deleted entry.
  • Windows: Pressing the PgUp, PgDn, End, Home, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, or Delete keyboard keys or pressing the Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, or Ctrl+Z keyboard key combinations while inside text fields in web viewers did not allow the cursor to move.
  • Windows: Web Viewers defined as buttons did not respond to button clicks.
  • Windows: The Insert from URL script step with the cURL options did not return values when it was performed from a computer user account containing Japanese characters.
  • The literal string “<![CDATA[” was not processed by the XML parser, resulting in blank text instead of the provided string in the following areas:
  • copy and pasting schema/layout/script objects
  • Save a Copy as XML script step output
  • Database Design Report
  • macOS: FileMaker Pro quit unexpectedly when certain non-ASCII characters were selected in text fields and then the Accessibility feature Spoken Content was activated.
  • Tab controls with 0 point width caused a pixel bar to show up on layouts where an empty space was expected.
  • macOS: The OpenURL script step was unable to open macOS Shortcut URLs with the shortcut scheme (shortcut://).
  • When importing records, imports with field validation failed to filter record imports and instead ignored the “existing value” validation option and imported all records.
  • Web Viewers with dark backgrounds flashed white when entering a layout in browse mode before rendering the dark background.
  • macOS: Slide control panels applied one conditional format to all panels instead of applying conditional formatting to individual panels.
  • macOS: JPEG images with invalid DPI properties were displayed incorrectly.
  • macOS: The slider in the navigation controls did not slide when pressing backward and forward navigation buttons if slider navigation preceded button press navigation.

APIs, technologies, or features to be deprecated

As FileMaker Pro evolves, the list of supported technologies, APIs, and features will change. As part of this evolution, certain operating systems versions, hardware, and features may be deprecated in favor of newer ones. Although deprecation does not mean the immediate deletion of an item, you should migrate your solution away from deprecated technologies, because these technologies may be removed in a future version of the product.

For the latest information about deprecated APIs, technologies, and features, search the Knowledge Base.