As you may know, in December 2020 Red Hat announced deprecation of its CentOS Linux distribution. As a result, Claris are removing support for CentOS in Claris FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Server 19.2.1 will be the last version that supports CentOS. In future versions of FileMaker Server, CentOS will no longer be a supported operating system.

The good thing is, CentOS will remain supported in FileMaker Server 19.2.1 until October 28, 2022* and still will be available on your Electronic Software Download (ESD) page. Please note, no further updates or bug fixes will be made to FileMaker Server 19.2.1.

Moving forward, Claris will be adding support for Ubuntu as the replacement Linux distribution in the next release of FileMaker Server and will be providing more information on Ubuntu and FileMaker Server in the coming months, so please stay tuned.

If you are currently using CentOS for FileMaker Server, please share your comment here.