FileMaker Pro is described by FileMaker Inc as :

FileMaker Pro is powerful, easy-to-use database software that helps you and your team get any task done faster.

That’s all good and well, but why do we develop exclusively in FileMaker Pro?

Development time is shorter than with any other system – or put another way, it’s less expensive to develop in FileMaker than any other system. That’s a fairly big claim, but it’s something we stand by. We can take your system, and rename things, move them around and replace items and FileMaker automatically resolves all of the references behind the scenes, so we don’t need to go and fix the references to everything we changed. It “Just Works”.

We can prototype in FileMaker and show you a demo of how your system will work, and turn that same prototype into the working system. We don’t need to have a multitude of products that all work together to develop the end product that in the end are all about more ways to spend your money.

We have developed and use for all our clients some of the latest tools for making development easier. Have a glance at our Developer Tools page to see the sorts of things we sell to other developers which you automatically take advantage of as a client of Goya. We use all of these things on all of our client systems to help speed development time.

All of these things help make development time shorter and help us find and fix issues before you even know they exist.

There are very few jobs that FileMaker Pro can’t handle. We have developed single page systems that just handle a single task for a single user, to large systems that cross the entire set of business process from quoting to jobs, from clients to invoices, from purchasing to timesheets, and reports on every combination of the above. Some of the various industries and modules we’ve worked on are listed on our clients page.

Don’t take that the wrong way, there are things you shouldn’t do in FileMaker – for example don’t try to re-write MYOB in FileMaker unless you’ve got 10 years and a few million to spare. But there isn’t anything “off the shelf” that handles well the complexities and unique processes of every business. And that’s where a custom solution for business management comes in. And we believe FileMaker is the best answer to that problem.

If you run a business, there is a good chance FileMaker can help you streamline your processes and give you real feedback about where you’re going and how your business is running.

FileMaker scales well in businesses from a single person company to a 100 person workgroup team. One common question in developing a database is “What happens when I grow from the one-man shop to a 10 person team, what will I have to do with the database?”. The answer, if you’re using FileMaker, is “Nothing”. You just add more clients, and they all work. A FileMaker database is developed the same for 1 user as it is for 100, so you don’t need to re-do your entire development, which isn’t the case with some competing development environments.

It’s been around for years and will be for a long time to come. FileMaker has existed as a product since the early 80’s in various names from “Nutshell”, “FileMaker Plus” and “FileMaker II”. FileMaker Pro is now the #1-selling database available today and is into the 10+ million mark in terms of sales.